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     A competent government is one that knows how to promote the necessary benefits so that citizens of a city, state or country can live with prosperity and honesty, an affirmation like this is what all nations deserve, but when the government does not know To practice this logic, or do not want, certainly all will suffer the consequences, of an incoherent or incompetent administration, after all, if a citizen does not have the capacity to support himself, certainly, he will live with all kinds of difficulties; And if the government does not have projects that it provides for people, benefits such as the payment of a salary, so that the individual can buy food, and based on a standard of simple quality of life, poverty will be established in a society, because of People's difficulty in obtaining their own sustenance, and this is a logic to be available, for all to see in all nations. So it means that there is an irrefutable, administrative or political theory that determines only a concept of prosperity, to be used in a country that benefits all the citizens of a country, a concept of opportunistic and honest economic development, that really propitiates A fixed behavior, whose main peculiarity is to promote the existence of the emergence of all, the types of honest new business, with the intention of stimulating the emergence of companies of all kinds, in a pattern of always progressive behavior, whose purpose is The citizens of that city, state or country, there is an opportunity to have their own way of sustaining themselves, through their own jobs or their companies, without requiring the government to create public assistance projects, in order to sustain them by maintaining The monthly payment, of a value with intention to promote, resources for the society to sustain itself, because of The obligation to do to be determined by law. After all, to make the nation independent of these types of government benefits, it prevents the government from acquiring indiscriminate expenditures, and allows the government to invest better in all sectors of society, which provides a better standard of living for the entire nation, Investing in education, public health and security are inevitable facts for the government, but also investing in infrastructure projects or works that promote the economic development of a region, is incisively unavoidable and indisputable, if the government does not do so, he It neither promotes nor is there prosperity, nor the real improvements to the quality of life of every nation.
     Infrastructure projects or works that the government needs to do to stimulate economic development in a city, state or country, always aim at the emergence of commerce, companies and services, facts that always promote, the movement of consumption of products and Money in a society, in a period varying according to the possibility of providing, there are presence of these types of businesses in a region, therefore, the beginning for all these events or phase to happen, depend intrinsically on the types of works that must irrefutably be made, To really create irreversibly the economic growth of the city, state, country or a specific region; The works must undo all the difficulties, so that the society establishes itself in that place, and can coexist with patterns of minimum difficulties, so that the development of a strong commerce is created, whose objective is to provide for the society there is security, that does not Will cope with periodic crises, provided because of the absence of intelligent resources, to reverse unfavorable situations that impose irreversible damages, for there are existences of businesses in that place. The true development of the economy of cities around the world, evolved from these concepts and always provided, the emergence of strong and developed economies, because it has always allowed people, there is an opportunity to establish themselves in that place, because of the certainty that they would live In that place, it is emphasized that even with simplicity, however, with a minimum of prosperity that makes it possible for everyone to live in dignity and honor, without needing the support of anyone, not even the government, it is observed that all great civilizations , Evolved from basic concepts such as the presence of water "Rivers and lakes", a fertile soil, which are favorable conditions for the development, of a strong agriculture and livestock, for the maintenance of the presence of people in a place, also It is observed the presence of animals to hunt, an important fact that provided, for people there is possibility of eating meat, until the development of pec Or the domestication of animals for own consumption, therefore, the principle of any development of a city, state or country, can still be considered to be through the possibility of promoting agriculture and livestock, which stimulates the consumption of products And services, and provide people with opportunities, to develop an economy there.
     The economic development of all regions of a country is an important fact that benefits the entire nation, because it strengthens the country's economy by assuring the government, there is always a possibility of a strong surplus, a factor that provides the government with the possibility of costing Of all the responsibilities established by legislation, such as Education, Public Safety and Health, in addition to the country's own public debt, but also allows the government to have money to invest in all matters that benefit the nation; The way the government has to raise funds for all these responsibilities has always been to raise or raise taxes to raise money, giving the government the supposedly ideal potential. Intelligent, as well as the economic development of a region, because it foretells the increase of the purchasing power of the consumers, a fact that also increases the collection of taxes, as well as the creation of jobs, and the stimulus so that there is no emigration "Exodus Rural "indiscriminately. This fact is often detrimental, for the individual who chooses to do so, due to his own lack of preparation, for living in other regions of the country, whose illiteracy obliges the person, to be subject to any type of employment, to Self-support, it is emphasized if the person is lucky enough to get a job, and this creates types of poverty or poverty that compels people, there are indiscriminate communities formed, according to the possibility of sustaining them, such as the emergence Of the favelas and slums themselves, adaptable facts there is a need for accommodation of people, for their own realities of daily life, and living with the violence that all these situations provoke.
     One fact is indisputable for all countries, humanity has historically managed to accommodate itself in situations of survival everywhere, and this has allowed the whole planet to be inhabited, yet it is also noticeable that countless civilizations still subsist in many places, Coexisting with types of underdevelopment, because of the type of soil, lack of food or problems encouraged by government policy, problems caused by the climatic conditions of each region of the country, periods of drought due to the absence of rainfall, a fact Which can last for consecutive years, and which promotes the scarcity of water in the region, a fact that destroys both agriculture and livestock in these places, and also promotes poverty and misery for the region's residents; The losses are irreversible for all citizens who live with this type of problem, after all, the animals die because they do not have water to drink, nor is it possible to provide adequate food for the animals, and the dry plantation because the land can not be Irrigated, is a period of difficulty in which the owner of the farm chooses to feed himself and his own family, than to feed the animals as well, and this makes it difficult for the owners to sell the production of the period and, consequently, The owner obtains profit for the maintenance of the next production or his own sustenance, situations of this type are only a small example of the losses acquired in a period, the people living in arid and semi-arid places coexist with a certain constant incognito determined by the rain itself In the period to get lucky in agriculture, and keep the animals alive, they live completely at the mercy of the weather, with freq Of resource shortages to live in dignity. It is undeniable that such situations are important, they are harmful to the whole nation, it is not simply for people who live in terrible conditions, but because "The poor are an avid consumer of products, that the rich do not consume in large quantities as food And drinks, and is always a trivial food daily, "a fact that boasts there is a sector of the country's economy, which are the food and beverage industries, and cheap products and of great relevance to their daily lives, and which also Thousands of people are employed, however, the main one needs to be mentioned, the low purchasing power of the inhabitants of these regions, as a consequence, creates a very low tax collection, a very low consumption of many products and services, is a part of the society that Living in a condition of imposition of confinement in poverty, a fact that does not contribute to any benefit or to people, does not stimulate growth And that the government needs to be competent, to create projects that reverse these situations, in order to promote the true policy of social inclusion, which allows every nation the possibility of living with dignity.
     Projects to combat misery and the difficulties of living in arid and semi arid regions are not difficult to find, they are indeed indispensable for the development of a country, and the best methods must be constantly researched, so that they can be implemented In the country, it is an irrefutable truth that from the moment that humanity began to create technologies, a revolution of useful and indispensable behaviors was provided, which enabled the emergence of economic powers, therefore, exemplifications on this fact becomes inevitable ; The Suez Canal, Panama Canal, railways, trains, roads, automobiles, electric power, hydroelectric plants, sharpness, these are just some elucidations, which made trade feasible among nations, but had a positive effect in each country, meanwhile. , For the specific subject that is the fight against the underdevelopment of a region, or of a country, to mention the possibility of making artesian wells, is only a palliative solution of the problem, or merely personal solution of a residence or a farmer, does not correspond For a whole region of a country, or for a nation although it may be used by all, however, there must be groundwater in the region, and money for each person to have, his own well on his property, as well as specific technology for Do the artesian wells, and each family must also have money, to finance everything related to this type of work, especially if the state can not Projects of this type for the whole community. A problem of this type is enough so that each person or region as a whole continues to live unproductively, however, it is emphasized that for this there is a type of business that is not practiced, credit banks should have the possibility of elaborating proposals Of financing for loans, with the specific purpose of sponsoring these types of projects, so that people drill artesian wells, and through that they could irrigate plantations, have water to give water to the animals of their creation, and for the family to use However, even the simplest proposals are difficult for the residents to pay for this type of financing because of the pessimism of being able to produce enough money per month to pay off the debt they have acquired. Specific clause on how to pay the debt, which is provided to the individual concerned In the loan, there is a possibility of starting to pay the financing only after the sale of the first agricultural production, whose minimum period for starting the payment would be 6 months after buying the loan, in the case of livestock Reproduce different for each species, a fact that prevents the owner from having a definition of profit, about how many animals could sell to be able to repay the loan, therefore, there is a need to improve this type of loan, so that it can be made feasible In the country.
     The Transposition of the São Francisco River is the fact that it can be considered an inauguration, a new phase of prosperity for the Northeastern and for Brazil, an indispensable project that should have happened more than 50 years ago, eliminating in this way all the difficulties For the true, economic development of this region, since "The water for the northeastern who lives in the polygon of drought has an inestimable value, has life value, has the same value as the air we breathe", has the meaning of a period of A phase that eliminates all the worst difficulties; Brazil is the country with the largest river basin in the world, so this work should be only one among many for the benefit of the region, so as the river São Francisco is close, the work started exactly through it, but should To carry out works of transposition of the Amazon River leading to the northeast to improve the concept started, thus eliminating all water shortages, "Making water reach all taps of properties in the northeast is only logical, after all, everyone depends Of water in daily life, including all kinds of trade in the region, "factories depend on water to produce, not only are there agriculture and livestock and people benefited, by this type of social entrepreneurship of the Brazilian government, industry will acquire from This is a major strength to establish in the northeast, including companies interested in having a branch in the region, will have more security In order to act, there is an expansion of their own businesses, because as a consequence of this investments the purchasing power of the Northeastern society tends to increase in an unequaled way.
     Investments such as the Transposition of the São Francisco River are indispensable for every nation and especially for the residents affected directly by the semi-arid climate, because individually they benefit the people who have initiative, to obtain the water of these channels, to supply their properties and to irrigate Keeping livestock in healthy conditions, simply buy hydraulic pumps and pump water to reservoirs; A procedure that can be adopted by all, either individually or through cooperatives, a fact that can be planned and administered by the cooperative, distributing water to all farms in the region, or small communities an amount of water, compatible with the possibility of developing Of all daily tasks, providing people with the comfort they will not experience again, the phases of difficulties caused by the lack of rain for agriculture and livestock, providing people with possibilities, being productive and able to promote their own prosperity, An irreversible, irrefutable and intelligent way, imposing a definitive end to the cycle of slavery of misery in this region of the country. Such ideas as the creation of cooperatives, to solve common problems for a community, requires constant improvement and immediacy for pretension, to obtain the advantages that promote the independence of each person, and dissemination in all cities that there is mobilization always with immediacy, Whose main purpose is precisely to expedite, the use of this resource created by the Brazilian government, and its benefits as an undeniable normal consequence, after all, this promotes protection for each person of this region, and for all Brazil quickly the advantages arising from this actions, is A fact that must be taught to the Brazilian, to earn honestly, constantly and daily, to spread and teach daily business ideas, from Brazil and the world to always alert people, about the possibilities of obtaining advantages and profit to sustain themselves, that attitude is The real fight for a person's crisis, or real combat For economic crisis of a country, it is regrettable that the press does not have the interest to do this, there would be solution to numerous problems in the world, the spread of all kinds of new business, since small or great innovative ideas, are always great Business for all humanity.

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      Um governo competente é aquele que sabe, promover os benefícios necessários para que, cidadãos de uma cidade, estado ou o país, possam viver com prosperidade e honestidade, uma afirmação como essa é oque todas as nações merecem, porem, quando o governo não sabe praticar essa lógica, ou não quer, certamente que todos padecerão as consequências, de uma administração incoerente ou incompetente, afinal, si um cidadão não tem a capacidade de se sustentar, certamente, que ele conviverá com todo tipo de dificuldades; E se o governo não tiver projetos que proporcione para as pessoas, benefícios como o pagamento de um salário, para que o indivíduo possa comprar alimentação, e se sustentar num padrão de qualidade de vida simples, estará estabelecido a miséria numa sociedade, por causa da dificuldade das pessoas para obterem o próprio sustento, e isso é uma lógica que estar disponível, para que todos vejam em todas as nações. Então, significa que existe de maneira irrefutável, uma teoria administrativa ou politica, que determine somente um conceito de prosperidade, para se utilizar num país, que beneficie todos os cidadãos de um país, um conceito de desenvolvimento econômico oportunista e honesto, que realmente propicie um comportamento fixo, cuja a peculiaridade principal, é promover há existência do surgimento de todos, os tipos de novos negócios honestos, com há intenção de estimular o surgimento de empresas de todos os tipos, num padrão de comportamento sempre progressista, cuja a finalidade é propiciar para os cidadãos daquela cidade, estado ou país, há oportunidade de terem sua própria forma de se sustentarem, através de seus próprios empregos ou suas empresas, sem precisar que o governo crie projetos de assistência publica, para há pretensão de sustenta-los mantendo o pagamento mensal, de um valor com há intenção de promover, recursos para a sociedade se sustentar, por causa da obrigação de fazer por ser determinado pela legislação. Afinal, tornar a nação independente desses tipos de benefícios do governo, impede que o governo adquira despesas indiscriminadas, e permite ao governo investir melhor em todos os setores da sociedade, que proporcione um padrão de qualidade de vida melhor para toda a nação, portanto, investir em Educação, saúde e segurança publica são fatos inevitáveis para o governo, porem, investir também em projetos de infra estrutura ou obras, que promova o desenvolvimento econômico de uma região, é incisivamente inevitável e indiscutível, se o governo não faz isso, ele não promove nem há prosperidade, e nem as verdadeiras melhorias para qualidade de vida de toda nação. 
     Os projetos de infra estrutura ou obras que o governo, precisa fazer para estimular o desenvolvimento econômico numa cidade, estado ou país, visam sempre o surgimento de comercio, empresas e prestação de serviços, fatos que promovam sempre, a movimentação de consumo de produtos e dinheiro numa sociedade, num prazo que variam de acordo com há possibilidade de proporcionar, há presença desses tipos negócios numa região, portanto, o inicio para que todos esses fatos ou fase aconteçam, dependem intrinsecamente dos tipos de obras, que devem irrefutavelmente serem feitas, para que realmente crie de maneira irreversível, o crescimento econômico da cidade, estado, país ou numa região específica; As obras devem desfazer todas as dificuldades, para que a sociedade se estabeleça naquele lugar, e possa conviver com padrões de dificuldades mínimos, para que seja criado o desenvolvimento de um comercio forte, cujo o objetivo é proporcionar para a sociedade há segurança, que não conviverá com crises periódicas, proporcionados por causa da ausência de recursos inteligentes, para reverter situações desfavoráveis que imponham prejuízos irreversíveis, para há existências de negócios naquele lugar. O verdadeiro desenvolvimento da economia das cidades em todo planeta, evoluiu a partir desses conceitos e sempre proporcionou, o surgimentos de economias fortes e desenvolvidas, porque sempre permitiu para as pessoas, há oportunidade de se estabelecerem naquele local, por causa da certeza de que viveriam naquele lugar, enfatiza-se que mesmo com simplicidade, porem, com um mínimo de prosperidade que possibilita-se, para todos viver dignamente e honestamente, sem precisar do amparo de ninguém, nem mesmo do governo, observa-se que todas as grandes civilizações , evoluíram a partir de conceito básicos, como a presença de água "Rios e lagos", um solo fértil, que são condições favoráveis para o desenvolvimento, de uma agricultura e uma pecuária fortes, para a manutenção da presença de pessoas num lugar, também observa-se a presença de animais para caçar, um fato importante que proporcionou, para as pessoas há possibilidade de comerem carne, até o desenvolvimento da pecuária, ou a domesticação de animais para consumo próprio, portanto, o principio de todo desenvolvimento de uma cidade, estado ou país,  ainda pode ser considerado que seja por intermédio, da possibilidade de promover uma agricultura e pecuária, que estimule o consumo de produtos e serviços, e propicie para as pessoas há oportunidade, de desenvolverem uma economia naquele lugar.
     O desenvolvimento econômico de todas as regiões de um país, é um fato importante que beneficia toda a nação, porque fortalece a economia do país assegurando ao governo, há possibilidade de ter sempre um superavit forte, fator que propicia ao governo há possibilidade, de custear de todas as responsabilidades estabelecidas pela legislação, como Educação, Segurança Publica e Saúde, além da própria dívida pública do país, como também permite ao governo ter dinheiro para investir, em todos os assuntos que beneficiem a nação; A maneira que o governo tem para obter recursos, para o custeio de todas as essas responsabilidades, sempre foi criar ou aumentar impostos, para aumentar também a arrecadação de dinheiro, dando ao governo o potencial supostamente ideal, todavia, a maneira mencionada não é tão inteligente, quanto o próprio desenvolvimento econômico de uma região, porque prenuncia o aumento do poder de compra dos consumidores, um fato que também aumenta a arrecadação de impostos, como também propicia o surgimento de empregos, e o estímulo para que não haja emigração "Êxodo Rural" indiscriminadamente. Um fato que muitos vezes é prejudicial, para o próprio indivíduo que opta por fazer isso, devido o próprio despreparo dele, para o convívio em outras regiões do país, cujo o analfabetismo obriga a pessoa, a se sujeitar a qualquer tipo de emprego, para obtenção de seu próprio sustento, enfatiza-se se a pessoa tiver sorte de conseguir um emprego, e isso cria tipos de miséria ou pobreza que obriga as pessoas, há formar comunidades de maneira indiscriminadas, de acordo com há possibilidade de sustentarem , como o surgimento da próprias favelas e cortiços, fatos adaptáveis há necessidade de acomodação das pessoas, para as suas próprias realidades de vida no cotidiano,  e convívio com a violência que todas essas situações provocam .
     Um fato é incontestável para todos os países, a humanidade historicamente conseguiu se acomodar, em situações de sobrevivência em todos os lugares, e isso permitiu que todo o planeta fosse habitado, todavia, também é perceptível que inúmeras civilizações, ainda subsisti em muitos lugares,convivendo com tipos de subdesenvolvimentos, por causa do tipo de solo, a falta de alimentos ou problemas incentivados pela política do governo, problemas provocados por causa das condições climáticas de cada região do país, períodos de seca por causa da ausência de chuvas, um fato que pode durar anos consecutivos, e que promove a escassez de água na região, fato que destrói tanto a agricultura quanto a pecuária desses lugares, e também promove pobreza e miséria para os moradores da região; As perdas são irreversíveis para todos os cidadãos, que vivem com este tipo de problema, afinal, os animais morrem por não ter água para beber, como também não possível prover a alimentação adequada aos animais, e a plantação seca porque a terra não pode ser irrigada, é um período de dificuldade cujo qual, o dono da fazenda escolhe entre si alimentar e a sua própria família, do que alimentar os animais também, e isso dificulta aos proprietários há possibilidade de vender, a produção do período e impedindo consequentemente, que o dono obtenha lucro para o manutenção da próxima produção, ou seu próprio sustento, situações deste tipo são apenas uma pequena, exemplificação dos prejuízos adquiridos num período,  as pessoas que vivem lugares áridos e semiáridos, convivem com há incógnita constante determinada, pela própria  chuva no período para ter sorte na agricultura, e manter os animais vivos,  elas vivem completamente a mercê do clima, com frequentes fases de escassez de recursos para viverem dignamente. É incontestável que há importância dessas situações, são prejudiciais para toda a nação, não é simplesmente para as pessoas que convivem em condições terríveis, e sim porque "O pobre é um ávido consumidor de produtos , que o rico não consome em grande quantidade como alimentos e bebidas, e é sempre uma alimentação trivial diariamente", um fato que ostenta há existência de um setor da economia do país, que são as industrias de alimentos e bebidas, e produtos baratos e de grande relevância para o seu cotidiano, e que também ostentam o emprego de milhares de pessoas, entretanto, o principal precisa ser citado, o baixo poder de compra dos moradores destas regiões, cria como consequência uma baixíssima arrecadação de impostos, um baixíssimo consumo de inúmeros produtos e serviços , é uma parte da sociedade que vive numa condição, de imposição de confinamento na pobreza, fato que não contribui em nenhum beneficio nem para as pessoas, não estimula crescimento econômico no país, e que o governo necessita precisa ser competente, para criar projetos que revertam estas situações, na intenção de promover a verdadeira política de inclusão social, que permita para toda nação há possibilidade de viver dignamente.
     Projetos para combater a miséria e as dificuldades do convívio,  em regiões áridas e semi áridas não são difíceis de serem encontradas, há verdade é que são indispensáveis  para o desenvolvimento de um país, e precisam serem pesquisadas os melhores métodos constantemente, para que sejam implantados no país,  é uma verdade irrefutável que desde de o momento, que a humanidade começou a criar tecnologias, proporcionou-se uma revolução de comportamentos proveitosos e indispensáveis, que viabilizou o surgimento de potencias econômicas,  portanto, exemplificações sobre este fato torna-se inevitável; O Canal de Suez, Canal do Panamá, ferrovias, trens, estradas, automóveis, energia elétrica, Usinas Hidrelétricas, agudez, essas são apenas algumas elucidações, que viabilizaram o comercio entre as nações, porem, tiveram um efeito positivo em cada país, entretanto, para o assunto específico que é o combate ao subdesenvolvimento de uma região, ou de um país, citar há possibilidade de fazer poços artesianos, é apenas um paliativo para solução do problema, ou solução meramente pessoal de uma residência ou um fazendeiro, não corresponde para toda uma região de um país, ou para nação embora possa ser utilizado por todos, contudo, é necessário que haja Lençóis  Freáticos na região, e dinheiro para que cada pessoa possa ter ,seu próprio poço na sua propriedade, além de tecnologia específica para fazer os poços artesianos, e cada família também deve ter dinheiro, para financiar tudo referente para este tipo de obra, principalmente, se o estado não puder sustentar projetos deste tipo para toda comunidade. Um problema deste tipo é o suficiente para que cada pessoa ou região toda,  continue convivendo improdutivamente, entretanto, enfatiza-se que para isso existe um tipo de negócio, que não é praticado, os bancos de créditos deveriam ter há possibilidade de elaborar,  propostas de financiamentos para realização de empréstimos, com há finalidade específica de patrocinar estes tipos de projetos, para que as pessoas perfurassem poços artesianos, e através disso pudessem irrigar plantações, ter água água para dar aos animais de sua criação, e para a própria família utilizar no cotidiano, porem, até as propostas mais simples são difíceis para os moradores, assumirem o pagamento de um financiamento deste tipo, por causa do pessimismo em conseguir produzir dinheiro suficiente por mês, para pagar a dívida adquirida e nesta concepção, seria necessário adaptar uma clausula específica sobre forma de pagamento da dívida, cujo qual, propicia-se ao indivíduo interessado no empréstimo, há possibilidade de começar a pagar o financiamento, somente após a venda da primeira produção agrícola, cujo o prazo mínimo para o inicio do pagamento seria 6 meses após ter adquirido o empréstimo, no caso da pecuária é diferente, porque os animais se reproduzem diferente para cada espécie, um fato que impede ao proprietário não ter definição de lucro, sobre quantos animais poderiam vender para ter capacidade de pagar o empréstimo, portanto, existe há necessidade do aprimoramento deste tipo de empréstimo, para que possa ser viabilizado esse tipo de negócio no país. 
     A Transposição do Rio São Francisco é o fato que pode ser considerado há inauguração, da uma nova fase de prosperidade para o nordestino e para o Brasil, um projeto indispensável que já deveria ter acontecido há mais de 50 anos, eliminando desta forma todas as dificuldades para o verdadeiro, desenvolvimento econômico desta região, já que "A água para nordestino que mora no polígono da seca tem um valor inestimável, tem valor de vida, tem o mesmo valor que o ar que respiramos", tem o significado de um período de fartura, uma fase que elimina todas as piores dificuldades; O Brasil é o país com a maior bacia hidrográfica do mundo, portanto, essa obra deveria ser apenas uma entre tantas  para o benefício da região, então, como o rio São Francisco esta próximo, a obra começou exatamente por intermédio dele, contudo, deveria serem feitas obras de transposição do Rio Amazonas conduzindo aguá, para o nordeste para aprimorar o conceito iniciado,  eliminando desta forma toda escassez de água definitivamente, "Fazer a água chegar em todas as torneiras das propriedades no nordeste é há única lógica, afinal todos dependem de água no cotidiano, inclusive, todo tipo de comercio da região ", fábricas dependem de água para produzir, não são apenas há agricultura e pecuária e as pessoas os beneficiados, por esse tipo de empreendedorismo social do governo brasileiro, a industria adquirirá  a partir desta condição maior força para se estabelecerem no nordeste, inclusive, empresas interessadas em ter uma filial na região, terá mais segurança para agir há expansão de seus próprios negócios, pois como consequência deste investimentos o poder aquisitivo da sociedade nordestina, tende a aumentar de uma forma inigualável. 
     Investimentos como a Transposição do Rio São Francisco, são indispensáveis para toda nação e principalmente, para os moradores afetados diretamente pelo clima semi árido, porque individualmente beneficiam as pessoas que tiverem há iniciativa, para obter a água destes canais , para abastecer suas propriedades e irrigar plantações, e manter a pecuária em condições saudáveis, basta comprar bombas hidráulicas  e bombear água para reservatórios; Um procedimento que pode ser adotados por todos, seja individualmente ou através de cooperativas, um fato que pode ser planejado e administrado pelos cooperados, distribuindo água para todas as fazendas da região, ou pequenas comunidades uma quantidade de água, compatível com há possibilidade do desenvolver de todas as tarefas diárias, proporcionando para as pessoas o conforto que não vivenciarão novamente, as fases de dificuldades causadas pela falta de chuva para agricultura e pecuária,  proporcionando para as pessoas há possibilidades, de serem produtivas e capazes de promover sua própria prosperidade, de maneira irreversível, irrefutável e inteligente, impondo um fim definitivo ao ciclo de escravidão da miséria nesta região do país . Ideias deste tipo como a criação de cooperativas, para solucionar problemas comuns para uma comunidade, requer aprimoramento constante e imediatismo para pretensão, de obter as vantagens que promovam a independência de cada pessoa, e divulgação em todas as cidades que haja mobilização sempre com imediatismo, cuja há finalidade principal é exatamente agilizar, o uso deste recurso criado pelo governo brasileiro , e suas benesses como consequência normal incontestável,  afinal, isso promove amparo para cada pessoa desta região, e para todo o Brasil com rapidez as vantagens provenientes desta ações, é factício que é necessário ensinar ao Brasileiro, à lucrar honestamente, constantemente e diariamente, divulgando e ensinando diariamente ideias sobre negócios, do Brasil e do mundo para alertar sempre as pessoas, sobre as possibilidades de obterem vantagens e lucro para se sustentarem, essa atitude é o verdadeiro combate para a crise de uma pessoa, ou verdadeiro combate para crise econômica de um país, é lastimável que há imprensa não tenha o interesse de fazer isso, seria há solução para inúmeros problemas no mundo, a difusão de todos os tipos de novos negócios, já que pequenas ou grandes ideias inovadoras, sempre são grandes negócios para toda humanidade.         


terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017


     The body is confined to a chain because of the crimes that a person has committed, but the mind is not confined, if a person wants to believe in an idea, concept, mentality or ideology, he will do it because the act of thinking is Unlimited, your Freedom of Expression is infinite, but if you present it with intelligent ideas, in an incisively forceful, eloquent and persuasive way, and constantly provoking debate, it is possible for it to become convinced, and to begin to practice only attitudes Intelligent, after all, what is really useful in a person is not useless, and it is exactly your smart.






segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017



      What generates misery is the lack of a truly intelligent attitude; it is not ideologies that solve all problems; however, their willingness to correct mistakes is the true interest in exterminating, the main problem for the existence of misery, Are not government charitable projects, but an irrefutable logic, because the poor and the miserable (beggar) are also indomitable consumers of products in great quantity, it is a logic because that is what their purchasing power gives them. Allows to have to live, a mere accommodation to their potential, in addition products that other classes of society do not consume in the same quantity, this provides the strengthening of one of a sector of the economy, exactly the food and cheap products industries, For the production of these products, therefore, the poor has a great utility for country economy; And the fact of being able to buy generates an increase in the collection of taxes, a fact that benefits the administrators of the nation, giving to the president, governor or mayor is possible to raise more money, to make all the necessary investments, to establish a harmonious conviviality And prosperous for all, there is only one irrefutable truth: "To err in allowing poverty and misery to establish itself in a strong way, is to allow a country's economy not to have excellent economic growth and to be strong, to perpetrate ignorance of Preserving a part of unproductive society, "and this is an unforgivable error that stigmatizes the whole of society, to live with degrading or execrable situations, as a constant stimulus for the existence of indissoluble problems that destroy and reflect on the life of every nation. It is stupidity not to act to extinguish misery or poverty in a country, a truly intelligent, competent and sensible government, acting constantly with a pretense of promoting prosperity for every nation, in order to strengthen the economy and provide an intelligent pattern of coexistence, It is necessary to respect the rights of people to want to be simple, but it is also necessary to have a standard of simplicity, which does not allow the existence of degrading conditions of survival, after all, the utility of the poor is also in the fact that he accepts, To perform functions like jobs, that pay badly few people would accept to do, but are inevitable for a whole society, to err is human, more to spend the life making the same mistakes is a lot of stupidity, it means that you are not intelligent, it is not progressive and it does not like Prosperity of anyone, not even yours, and for a country this is a crime, because through the The purchasing power of all, a strong economy is maintained, which provides resources for all, so fighting poverty is a must for all the leaders of this planet, including you and me.



domingo, 16 de julho de 2017



      O que gera a miséria é a falta de uma atitude realmente inteligente, não são as ideologias há solução de todos os problemas, entretanto, a sua vontade de corrigir erros é o verdadeiro interesse para exterminar, o principal problema para existência da miséria, projetos de inclusão social sustentados pelo governo, não são projetos de caridade do governo e sim uma lógica irrefutável, porque o pobre e o miserável (mendigo) também são consumidores indomáveis de produtos em grande quantidade, é uma lógica porque é oque o seu poder de compra lhe permite ter para viver, uma mera acomodação ao seu potencial,  aliás produtos que as outras classes da sociedade não consomem na mesma quantidade, isso proporciona o fortalecimento dum de um setor da economia, exatamente as industrias de alimentos e de produtos baratos, além de empregos para a produção destes produtos, portanto, o pobre tem uma grande utilidade para economia de país;  E o fato de poder comprar gera aumento na arrecadação de impostos, um  fato que beneficia os administradores da nação, proporcionando ao presidente, governador ou prefeito há possibilidade de arrecadar mais dinheiro, para realizar todos os tipos de investimentos necessários, para estabelecer um convívio harmonioso e próspero para todos, existe uma única verdade irrefutável, " Errar em permite que a pobreza e a miséria se estabeleça de um jeito forte, é permitir que economia de um país não tenha um excelente crescimento econômico e seja forte, é perpetrar a ignorância de preservar uma parte da sociedade improdutiva", e isto é erro imperdoável que estigmatiza toda a sociedade, para conviveu com situações degradante ou execráveis, como um estímulo constante para existência de problemas indissolúveis, que destroem e se refletem sobre a vida de toda nação. É uma estupidez não agir para extinguir a miséria ou pobreza num país, um governo realmente inteligente, competente e sensato, agi constantemente com há pretensão de promover prosperidade para toda nação, com a finalidade de fortalecer a economia e proporcionar um padrão inteligente de convivência, é necessário respeitar o direitos das pessoas quererem  serem simples, porem, também é necessário ostentar um padrão de simplicidade, que não permita há existência de condições degradantes de sobrevivência, afinal, a utilidade do pobre também esta no fato dele aceitar, há se sujeitar a exercer funções como empregos, que remuneram mal poucas pessoas aceitariam fazer, mas são inevitáveis para toda uma sociedade,   errar é humano,  mais passar a vida cometendo os mesmo erros é muita estupidez, significa que você não é inteligente, não é progressista e não gosta da prosperidade de ninguém, nem mesmo a sua, e para um país isto é um crime, porque através do poder aquisitivo de todos, sustenta-se uma economia forte, que provem recursos para todos, portanto, combater a miséria é uma obrigação de todos os lideres deste planeta, inclusive, você e eu .  



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     Comprar um imóvel é um investimento de qualquer jeito, porque dependendo da região da cidade e do tipo de imóvel, no dia que você optar em vender a propriedade, por causa da valorização do lugar, o preço pode até te enriquecer, os bairros do Rio de Janeiro como a Zona Sul, Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, Jacarepaguá, Tijuca, além de outros te dão essa oportunidade, portanto, se você tiver condições você deveria comprar vários imóveis, afinal, se você não morar nele poderá aluga-lo, e isso é mais uma maneira de lucrar com imóveis, e os imóveis comerciais estão nas mesmas condições, se você não fizer o seu próprio negócio nele também poderá alugar, com uma pequena diferença para negócios, se você quiser mesmo ter sucesso, você precisa de um excelente endereço, e isso poderá acontecer em qualquer lugar da cidade. 


Existem pessoas que compram imóveis residenciais ou comerciais, para aluga-los mobiliados por temporada, o valor do aluguel é superior que um contrato normal.







TEL: 21 - 3412.0195

CRECI 40978 

Observação importante: A 6.530/78 determina que sou responsável por vendas e aluguéis de de todo tipo de imóveis.



Elton Rafael Brasil Brum 

WHATSAPP  022 997216399 


O arquiteto italiano Nir Sirvan é uma indicação ideal para você ter sucesso na construção do seu imóvel, ou na construção de empreendimento residencial ou comercial, você terá uma parceria de sucesso no seu investimento.


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     Confina-se o corpo numa cadeia por causa, dos crimes que uma pessoa tenha praticado, porem não se confina a mente, si uma pessoa quiser acreditar a vida toda numa ideia, conceito, mentalidade ou ideologia, ela fará porque o ato de pensar é ilimitado, a sua Liberdade de Expressão é infinita, porem, si você apresenta-la ideias inteligentes, de uma maneira incisivamente contundente, eloquente e persuasiva e constantemente, provocando o debate sempre, é possível que ela se convença, e comece a praticar somente atitudes inteligentes, afinal, não se inutiliza oque realmente é útil numa pessoa, e é exatamente a sua inteligente.     






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    Investing in real estate both in the city and in the state of Rio de Janeiro is always a smart idea, a populous place with a great economic development, in an emerging country, there are always great opportunities for you to profit, buy large land to build, apartment condominium , Condos of houses, commercial condominiums, shopping malls, Hotels or Resort and Retrofit, in short, every type of venture to sell them is very profitable, both in the city of Rio de Janeiro and in every state of Rio de Janeiro.

    Buying a property is an investment anyway in Rio de Janeiro, because depending on the region of the city, the state and the type of property, the day you choose to sell the property, because of the appreciation of the place, the price can Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods such as South Zone, Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, Jacarepaguá, Tijuca, in addition to other neighborhoods give you this opportunity, so if you have conditions you should buy several real estate, after all, if you do not Living in it may rent it, and this is another way to profit from real estate, and commercial real estate are under the same conditions, if you do not do your own business in it you can also rent, with a small difference for business if you want Even if you succeed, you need an excellent address, and that can happen anywhere in the city.


There are people who buy residential or commercial real estate, to rent them furnished by season, the rent amount is higher than a normal contract.

 Real Estate Broker
Javert Lopes Berlanda

Creci 040978



Important note: Law 6.530 / 78 determines that I am responsible for sales and rentals of all types of real estate in Brazil, but I emphasize for you that I work in the state of Rio de Janeiro.



I point out to you the Italian Architect Nir Sirvan for the preparation of your project in Rio de Janeiro, and I emphasize that if you buy land with me for the construction of buildings, there is no obligation to hire you, however, I emphasize that he is an incredible professional , You will succeed in your business if you hire him, see his work here in Rio de Janeiro. 

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     Freedom of Expression is a right established in the Constitution of a country, which assures you the right to think, have personality, intelligence, individuality and privacy, these are fundamental factors for the formation of a person, it is a zeal with your intelligence, dignity and Integrity, also watches over your right to believe in something; A fundamental fact so that you can feel people, this helps you as well as every nation, after all, "Encouraging the existence of intelligent attitudes helps all people, we evolve that way, assimilating and practicing intelligent examples with the actions of other people" , But when the information you get is false, or biased, that is, approaching a fact according to the preference of a person, group or company, it influences your opinions. By interfering directly in their behavior, and providing for you there is a possibility of committing, irreversible errors or terrible crimes, "The Truth has the power to destroy, and this is an undisputed fact, but the lie also has the same power" Combating information that exercises manipulative power in people's opinions with tendentious or deceitful lies is a fact that strengthens us because it encourages us to have our own integrity because it allows us to think, and to form our own opinions, any suitable person has intelligence To do so, it is enough to present a comprehensive truth about a fact, and the rest will be a normal consequence.
     The journalism of the Brazilian television stations, when presenting a report in a biased way, presenting the facts according to their preference, without comprehensiveness of the truth, or full evidence of their presence in the face, or even without the testimony of all People, involved in what they are reporting in the news, deceive their right to have opinions, is a habit of the press and do this often, the government also practices the same techniques, this is manipulation of public opinion; A demeaning and dissimulated behavior of this kind establishes hypocrisy as a species, a governing factor in the behavior of society, creates a level of influence in people's attitudes, capable even of electing crooked politicians, establishing what they want as the only coherent truth, and even destroying A country, is a system that perpetually perpetrates repeated techniques, maintains behaviors in people, and allows mistakes and crimes to be committed indefinitely, all practiced consciously for years in a row. The government theoretically would even have reasons to use these techniques because it prevents the emergence of violence in people because of the politics it practices and its incompetence, "The Executive, Legislative and Judiciary of a country, also believe in what strengthens them , And immunize them from all charges, because of the errors constantly committed against a nation. " Always remember that countries are a republic or a monarchy, so the concept mentioned refers to all the powers in a nation, after all all err constantly, therefore, try to disable the fury of every nation, prevents opposition to the Government, and any conflicts that may arise, because of companies, people or ideologies, if you want to know the truth, you should research personally, lay people, children and the mentally ill do not know how to do this, therefore, they are manipulative people Indiscriminately, and this is a perversity, but intelligent and sensible people, always try to learn to investigate everything without needing anyone, the sordid truths of life are not disclosed, and if you really want to know them, there are sites independent of people , Documentaries, Facebook pages and other social networks, including the Anonymous pages of cities, states or countries, divulge more truth, than the S governments, press or businesses, believe your Freedom of Expression is destroyed every day on purpose, so that you behave like a trained animal, and do not make trouble for anyone.
     The value of your Freedom of Expression is individual and untransferable, it is the best asset you can have, examples of good sense demonstrate this daily, you know that fire burns and kills, so you do not put your hand on fire, because you know how to interpret Meaning of logic, then, no one needs to be treated as an object by anyone, this is an extremely perverse crime, and concealed against you and the whole nation; You have intelligence and this needs to be respected, people who are presumptuous, pretentious, arrogant, proud, authoritarian, disingenuous, Machiavellian, or simply criminal in nature, people who believe their opinions are smarter than yours are also part And many of them, occupy positions that influence society and destroy intelligence and wisdom whenever they can manipulate you, you must learn to identify them not to destroy, because they care for their interests, and also because they do not There is no one on this planet, no one more interested in being good with yourself, and with others than yourself, therefore no one will care for you better than yourself. We need to learn to fight against the hypocrisies of everyday life for our own safety in the world and to teach laymen, naive and innocent to protect themselves, not to become victims of this kind of people, so that we can be as naive as anyone, and To be able to act and to walk quietly without the malice of the perverse people, tarnishing and destroying their daily life, just for the pleasure of doing, only for the pleasure of feeling the sensation of manipulating to you, because they believe that this is certain and intelligent, because supposedly they would be more Important to you, but they never gave you anything in your life, just enjoy your naiveté and lack of knowledge, about how perverse they are with you, and this is a system that continually works against you, that kind of Opportunism has always existed, and there is only way to destroy it is by knowing and fighting it, because otherwise it overwhelms and destroys you.





     Liberdade de Expressão é um direito estabelecido na Constituição de um país, que te assegura o direito de pensar, ter personalidade, inteligência, individualidade e privacidade, esses são fatores fundamentais para formação de uma pessoa, é um zelo com a sua inteligência, dignidade e integridade, também zela pelo seu direito de acreditar em alguma coisa; Um fato fundamental para que você possa se sentir gente, isso ajuda tanto você quanto toda nação, afinal, "Estimular há existência de atitudes inteligentes ajuda todas as pessoas, nós evoluímos desse jeito, assimilando e praticando exemplos inteligentes com as ações de outras pessoas ", porem, quando as informações que você obtém são mentirosas, ou tendenciosas, ou seja, abordagem sobre um fato de acordo com a preferencia de uma pessoa, grupo ou empresas, isso influencia nas suas opiniões. Interferindo diretamente no seu comportamento, e proporcionando para você há possibilidade de cometer, erros irreversíveis ou crimes terríveis, " A Verdade tem o poder de destruir, e isso é um fato indiscutível, porem, a mentira também tem o mesmo poder" , portanto, combater as informações que exercem poder de manipulação nas opiniões da pessoas, com mentiras tendenciosas ou ludibriadoras, é um fato que nos fortalece, porque nos estimula ter nossa própria integridade, pois nos permite pensar, e formar nossas próprias opiniões, qualquer pessoa idônea tem inteligência para fazer isso, basta apresentar há verdade abrangente sobre um fato, e o restante será uma consequência normal.  
       O jornalismo das emissoras de televisão brasileiras, quando apresentam uma reportagem  de maneira tendenciosa, apresentando os fatos de acordo com a sua preferencia, sem há abrangência da verdade, ou provas cabais da presença deles diante do fato, ou mesmo sem o testemunho de todas as pessoas, envolvidas no que estão informando na notícia,  ludibriam o seu direito de ter opinião, é um habito da imprensa e fazem isso com frequência,o governo também pratica as mesmas técnicas, isso é manipulação da opinião publica; Um comportamento deturpador e dissimulado deste tipo, estabelece há hipocrisia como uma espécie, de fator regente no comportamento da sociedade, cria um nível influencia na atitudes das pessoas, capazes inclusive de eleger políticos vigaristas, estabelecer oque quiserem como única verdade coerente, e até destruir um país, é um sistema que perpetra incansavelmente  com técnicas repetidas, há manutenção de comportamentos nas pessoas, e permite que erros e crimes, sejam praticados até por tempo indeterminado, tudo praticado conscientemente durante anos consecutivos. O governo teoricamente até teriam motivos, para  utilizar essas técnicas porque impede, o surgimento da violência nas pessoas por causa, da política que ele pratica e a sua incompetência, "O Executivo, Legislativos e Judiciário de um país, também acreditam naquilo que os fortalecem, e lhes imunizam de todas as cobranças, por causa dos erros praticados constantemente contra uma nação". Lembre-se sempre que, os países são uma república ou uma monarquia, portanto, o conceito mencionado refere-se há todos os poderes numa nação, afinal todos erram constantemente, portanto, tentar inutilizar a fúria de toda nação, impede a oposição para o governo, e os conflitos que possam surgir, por causa das  empresas, pessoas ou ideologias, se você quiser conhecer a verdade, você deverá pesquisar pessoalmente, os leigos, as crianças e os os doentes mentais não sabem fazer isso, portanto, são pessoas manipuláveis de maneira indiscriminada, e isso é uma perversidade, porem  pessoas inteligentes e sensatas, sempre tentam aprender há investigar tudo sem precisar de ninguém, as verdades sórdidas da vida não são divulgadas, e se você realmente quiser conhece-las, existem sites independentes de pessoas, documentários, paginas no facebook e em outras redes sociais, inclusive, as paginas dos Anonymous de cidades, estados ou países, divulgam mais há verdade, do que os governos, imprensa ou empresas, acredite sua Liberdade de Expressão é destruída diariamente de propósito, para que você se comporte como um animal adestrado, e não vire problema para ninguém.
       O valor da sua Liberdade de  Expressão é individual e intransferível, é o melhor patrimônio que você pode ter, exemplos sobre sensatez demonstram isso diariamente,  você sabe que fogo queima e mata, por isso você não coloca a mão no fogo, porque sabe interpretar o significado de  lógica, então, ninguém precisa ser  tratado como um objeto por ninguém, isso é um crime extremamente perverso,e dissimulado contra você e toda a nação; Você tem inteligência e isso precisa ser respeitado, pessoas presunçosas, pretensiosas, prepotentes, orgulhosas, autoritárias, dissimuladas, maquiavélicas, ou simplesmente com índole criminosa, as pessoas que acreditam que as opiniões delas, são mais inteligentes do que as suas,também fazem parte do cotidiano e muitas dentre elas, ocupam posições que exercem influencia perante a sociedade, e destroem inteligencia e sensatez sempre que podem te manipular, você precisa aprender a identifica-las para não si destruir, porque elas zelam pelos interesses delas, e também porque não existe neste planeta, ninguém mais interessado em estar bem consigo mesmo, e com os outros do que você mesmo, portanto, ninguém zelará melhor por você do que você mesmo. Nós precisamos aprender há combater as hipocrisias do cotidiano, para nossa própria segurança no mundo, e ensinar aos leigos, ingênuos e inocentes a se protegerem, para que não se tornem vítimas deste tipo de gente, para que possamos ser ingênuos como qualquer pessoa, e poder agir e andar tranquilamente sem as malicias das pessoas perversas, maculando e destruindo a sua vida diariamente, somente pelo prazer de fazer, somente pelo prazer de sentir a sensação de te manipular, porque acreditam que isso é certo e inteligente, porque supostamente seriam mais importantes de que você, porem nunca te deram para nada na sua vida, apenas usufruem da sua ingenuidade e da sua falta de conhecimento, sobre o quanto eles são perversos com você, e isso é um sistema que age continuamente contra você, esse tipo de oportunismo sempre existiu, e há única maneira de destruí-lo é conhecendo e combatendo ele, porque senão ele te domina e te destrói.  





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Paraphilia - You need to study the meaning of the word broadly, and you will better understand the complexity of this article.

     Credibility is the certainty that a fact or an attitude, is intelligent, has forcefulness, coherence and grounding in truth, or actions based on ethics and morality, could never be considered a sensible attitude, respect a person only because of what She says, as a reflection of the respect that person has, because of the position that a person has, before society due to its social position; The unknown will always prevail if it only tells truths, or usurps the naivety of others, therefore, investigate a fact mentioned by others, give you the certainty of what you can trust, as a true fact, thus being the true credibility of a person, Becomes an authentic act, because everyone can affirm the same situation, and confirms the coherence of a person. The predilection for simply believing in a person, because of what he says, is a demonstration of naiveté and alienation, because the truth innumerable times becomes entangled, and needs to be unveiled by everyone who has an interest, so it can not be any kind of embarrassment , Be challenged by telling the truth about situations, that anyone can investigate, the existence of the facts presented and add more details on the subject, this a stimulus so that the coherence of a situation, be credible by all.
     The depredation that pedophilia causes in people, and especially in victims, could never be considered an exaggeration, the way the facts happen with both children and adolescents, is a terrible and irreversible effect, the aggressiveness of the sexual act Is exactly what causes all lethal damage; An important fact that many people ignore, both the child and the adolescent, are not anatomically prepared for, having sex with an adult, and it is presumed that there is a possibility of a murder because of the sexual act, there is undeniable logic, A fact that has happened countless times, and in all countries. Obviously, the size of the penis and the duration of sexual intercourse are the determining factors that can justify the reason for the existence of the murders, a simple comparison can better exemplify The reasoning, if the sexual behavior of man were equal to some species of animal, such as deer that only penetrate once, ejaculate the semen and fertilize the female, perhaps not provide as much damage, however, the development of the act Of the human race is different, the duration of the act in the body of a child or adolescent, depends on the libido of the individual, and with the penis with Varying in the size of 15 to 25 centimeters, besides the thickness itself, prevails the thesis that if the tendency, it is the pedophile burst both child and the adolescent, its organs through the anus causing internal hemorrhages, and consequently causing the death of the person .
     The pragmatism of pedophilia to characterize it as a crime, is based on the logic that is the analysis of the sexual act, could never be based on the pretense to provoke prejudices, however, demonstrate the whole reality of the fact, helps us to prevent against, The pedophiles and the habits that they developed, because besides the sexual act itself is the main constraint; They also prostitute children by filming movies, and posting on pornographic film sites, a fact that has already been proven through investigations, that there is an illegal trade in child pornography, happening for years on numerous pornographic film sites, the analysis of this fact Is very simple, if you consider that the act of posting a pornographic film without the permission of the parents or the victim of the pedophile itself, it is perceived all illegality of the fact, if a country has legislation that prohibits, the placement of images of children Under subversive conditions, such as sex with adults or adolescents. It means that there are other crimes being practiced by pedophiles, which are usurping the innocence of people, prostituting and profiting from the fact, and providing for all children, there is demoralization, the crime of Extortion Gang Training, Criminal Organization, Estelionate, Kidnapping , False imprisonment and Rape, and damaging the lives of families throughout their lives, there are proven cases that members of the victim's family were murdered to crack down on the crimes committed by pedophiles, or to prevent a reaction against crimes committed, A fact that has been practiced in many countries.
     A terrible example of this situation is the action of the Americans Jeffrey Hitler and Joseph Hitler, a gang that has already murdered countless people across the globe, from children to their parents, entered Brazil in the spring of 2013, the date Exact is unknown for having forgotten, however, is a situation that caused the death of countless people here, who were unaware of the presence and this danger in Brazil; A terrible and contradictory fact, because both the legislation previous to Law 6.815 /80 in Article 7, and the law currently in force 2516/2015 in Article 45, deny for the possibility of people of this type, to obtain a visa to enter Brazil, however , They were able to enter and stay, and nobody was able to act against them, making the arrest, extradition, deportation or expulsion, or preventing the murders of people in Brazilian territory, the most intriguing was their ease of access to the victims; If they are well emphasized and investigated and demoralized, the illegality about how they managed to obtain the visa to clarify this contradiction with Brazilian law. The reality is that there was no report from Brazilian television stations, warning the Brazilian nation about these serious events, not even the frequency of this type of situation, allowing them to stay in Brazil, practicing crimes and killing children, adolescents and the country , A fact committed by them in the United States with many people, for almost 15 consecutive years, whose scope of action is not restricted to the murders of children and adolescents through pedophilia, but also to attacks on American families throughout the territory of the United States. The United States, facts that have been presented through documentaries, from the National Geographic Channel, from their entry into Brazil to present and periodically.
     Their entry into Brazil happened theoretically, because I managed to attract their attention, through an investigation for the victims of them that I knew, in addition to other situations that happened in that period, so I started to analyze the site With, and the films of the victims known and murdered by them, there were an enormous amount of children on this site, I emphasize that there was not only this gang working; So when I continued to do research on social networks, I was able to give Jeffrey Hitler an answer, on a facebook page which he confronted the American police to get, to arrest him, and to prove his role as a pedophile, then one day before my Condominium in Oswaldo Lussac Street, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, criminals Jeffrey Hitler, Joseph Hitler and agents of the American police (FBI), members of the American diplomacy, agents of the Brazilian police (PF), members of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro , CIA members, Interpool members, members of the US public prosecutor's office, and other criminals, victims of these gangs, I emphasize, very few survivors of their attacks, I also emphasize that other people who were victims of other situations were present. They stopped in front of my condominium in cars for a period and they were parked, so I left my condo curious and strange the unusual situation, after all, I did not invite any American pedophiles to come to Brazil, I had a newspaper in the hands that Mentioned in an article, the presence of a Serial American killer in Brazil, who was also present, then everyone called their cars and left, pursuing criminals who managed to escape, and in the course of days the criminals came back to appear, my participation was to lend The car of my family, since some American agents were unprepared, that is, without cars to persecute them, and from that there was a mobilization to arrest them, consisting of 3 parts, I, FBI agents and members of the Brazilian police, besides the information I transferred, which helped the police to act, arrest and solve other crimes, I emphasize, the Pedophiles besides having begun To act here, with intent to commit crimes, have returned several times to this address, until the moment they disappeared through this police action.
     The unusual situation became an unknown, because the arrest and deportation did not become news, I did not receive any information about what would have happened, however, 7 months after the first day of their presence in 2014, I I was on Mirataia street here in the city of Rio de Janeiro, near my house, going towards Artists' Retreat street, Pedófilo Jeffrey Hitler was coming in the opposite direction of mine, I was upset with this discovery, but I started to inform For countless people, the fact that occurred in my presence, with pretension to prevent them from this terrible error, so that no one becomes a victim of them, and also with the intention of correcting the mistakes that had been established, besides trying to Detention and deportation; However, it is a fact that their mistake were able to enter Brazil, a situation still inexplicable to this day, was worse than you can imagine, besides, they managed to stay in Brazil, they had already related to Brazilian criminals, as a double Of adolescents from the condominium next to mine, Joseph Hitler had sex with the adolescent Felipe, this intimacy allowed to introduce them in the life, of the children of the American consuls who, were living in his condominium, and in other places in Brazil, besides To create a network of information that allowed them to obtain victims, and allowed to provoke persecutions of them throughout Brazil, in addition to the fact that the pair of adolescents themselves, were also committing pedophilia in their condominium. All the films of the adolescents with their victims were also on the same site mentioned, including the sexual act of Felipe with the pedophile psychopath Joseph Hitler, including the murders practiced by them, there is in this situation an issue that causes strangeness until today, because There was no explanation for this fact, however, there were not only pornographic movies on this site, but murders of children whose individual, entered the room and punched the child, homophobia and besides the murder of several people, information of this type was given To some people for me, which resulted in the arrest of these criminals here in Brazil and the United States.
     The actions of this gang of pedophiles specifically denounces there are incidents of crimes that mean a profile, specializing in the children of American civil servants, an investigation shows that the majority of the victims are children, members of the CIA, FBI, American Diplomacy, Judiciary and American police, but also there are victims who were children of Celebrities; A more perfect analysis shows that it would be enough to be a son, an American public official with anyone, to become a victim of their actions, the kind of violence they practice is terrible and unbearable, "They use the penis as a weapon, to kill Children and adolescents, because there is a perfect description of this sexual relation, they behave as if they were a sewing machine, in the body of children and adolescents, nor an adult woman would bear the relation, would die with internal hemorrhages, therefore, the victims of them They get their organs blown out by them. " The end of the relationship is terrible, they punch the head of the child or adolescent, ending up killing the victims, in addition to revenge in the sexual act, the pedophile Joseph Hitler punched, the head of all the children he practiced pedophilia, the relationship is full Of an unbearable level of violence, it is abominable to anyone who considers it appropriate, because there is no consideration of the fragility, naivety and life of the victims, they are transfigured in the sexual act, they are really a gang of psychopaths, Who must be arrested urgently, so that everyone can truly feel protected from them.
     There was no hard-and-fast explanation to date about the reason for their permanence and their freedom in Brazil, not even the reason for the lack of American attitudes, so that there was no arrest, deportation, exclusion, the main error Had already happened, they had no right to acquire the Brazilian visa, because Brazilian law did not allow, and the current law that is in force would not allow, a fact already mentioned before, moreover, there was no explanation so much by the Americans, And by the Brazilian public authorities, and this is an irrefutable fact that is very strange in the face of the notoriety given to the situation, because of the presence of everyone only on the first day, because of the way everything happened; However, during all these years, from the first day until today, a situation needs to be emphasized again, because it justifies the reasons for this situation, or suggested facts for investigation, the National Geographic Channel has presented numerous documentaries on the performance of these pedophiles On the planet, however, also presented a group of racist gangs, abandoning Brazilian children in the forests of the planet, to be devoured by predators, and even filmed the animal reaching the children and devouring them, including countless children in this situation, I had a chance to meet them. It is a fact that when Americans are racist, they are disguised, Machiavellian and perverse people, they are incapable of having regard to the innocence, ingenuity and fragility of people, other races or mestizos, including children and adolescents, there is another very important fact, If the American man is a racist, he himself will kill his own son, with a Brazilian woman who considers him a mestizo, "A fact that the Brazilian must learn, American racists are not trustworthy people at all", therefore Is a fact that "They are using the penis of their enemies, to kill their own children," is indifferent a condition if by chance she would have mixed blood with other races, or not, for the American racist in Brazil has only mestizos . These situations have incidence of cases, and that provide there is connotation that justifies the reason, which they have managed to get loose, and without any efficient action to arrest them definitively, there is inefficiency of the American police and the American justice, to extinguish there is existence of This is an unknown fact for all who need, be investigated and demoralized and punished, because it has caused the death of countless innocents on the planet, because they did not know that this serious problem existed, a problem that has been going on for almost 15 years. Could never be considered a common thing, because 15 years are not 15 days, this is a demonstration of an immorality, which needs to be corrected urgently so that no more victims arise, only the periodicity of which a problem is happening, it is a crime Against human rights, needs to be analyzed by all, and requires everyone's attention to The problem.
     Pedophiles are divided into different groups, from people who are suitable and people who are clearly not considered, because of the aggressiveness of the sexual act, and that would even compromise the life of an adult person, and there is a Behavior of them, they put films on various sites of pornographic films, making it possible for all people, there is opportunity to observe the sexual behavior of the individual, "The libido of a man is mainly, a problem only for the man"; By not being able to restrain himself, when the subject and sexual pleasure, a man also opts for attitudes, which compromise his integrity and his suitability, it is as if he were training in an, indispensable and limitless behavior for him, after all, a man not pregnant And instinctively evolved, in a different way from the woman, her responsibility to sex, it is as if he were only a fecundator, and this provides for innumerable men a merely instinctive and primitive behavior. The concept presented affirms there is a thesis that the pedophile opts for the possibility of committing crimes, after all he must feel the sensation of having sex with a child or adolescent, mainly, aware that the children or adolescent, has no capacity to endure the act Sexual and remain alive, it means that he accepts the possibility of killing people, and this can not be considered an attitude of people, decent, rational and intelligent, therefore, there has always been a border between lucidity and madness, this is a predominant fact Not pedophile.
     The violence of pedophilia is not only sex, venereal diseases and AIDS are also unknown, they must be considered because if a child or adolescent, has no ability to identify these diseases, or if they do not have the sincerity of the pedophile They will be condemned to acquire these terrible diseases, they will become victims and they will die because of this, "The immaturity and the incapacity to identify, and to defend themselves of hostile situations, when we refer the children or adolescents, are the crucial facts so that they can be Victims of terrible and traumatic situations that can kill them ", so there is still an ideal stage of life, so that children or adolescents can practice some attitudes; Sex destroys the integrity, personality and safety of children because of their naivety and innocence, which is normal at this stage of life, so it is imperative to protect them and prevent them from having easy access to situations that may kill Learning to identify dangerous situations, are an obligation of parents and relatives, because when a child does not live without this protection, it can be a victim of all kinds of opportunism, practiced by malicious and sordid people. Adolescents, through this phase of life, whose maturation of the mind is, in a more evolved condition of theirs, is able to protect themselves more from the malicious situations of daily life, however, it is possible that the strength of their body has not yet reached all His ability, and this also compromises his safety, because if there is a need, to fight to protect his life, he may not be able to defend himself, therefore, it is important to teach adolescents all the risks that pedophilia can represent, And learn to try to stop them from contacting pedophiles, as they have already developed methods such as using fake profiles on social networks "Fake's Profiles" to trick kids and teenagers into making contact, having sex and committing crimes. 
     Countries that have legislation to punish crimes such as Extortion, Bodily Injury, Physical Aggression, Kidnapping, False imprisonment , Rape, Estelionato and Murders, have mechanisms to promote justice against pedophile actions, and the fact of committing the crime of posting , Pornographic films with their victims on the websites, it is important to emphasize that there is no need to create a specific legislation to punish pedophiles for their crimes because the common characteristics of the attitudes of many pedophiles are listed as crimes in a country's criminal legislation , Is a mere question of interpretation; Because when people do not research the methods that exist in a country, to denounce anonymously the crimes that may have been victim, does not suggest that there is no possibility of promoting justice, except that they do not know how to do it, or have not had the interest of having This knowledge, or have not been informed about the existence of these possibilities, to make justice happen against the crimes that were victims. The fact of posting a pedophile pornographic film on the internet has already become a worldwide problem that anyone, anywhere in the world can access the sites, investigate and denounce the crimes committed by pedophiles, just learn the methods of each country to do The denunciations, the combat for this perversity that is child pornography, and the performance of cunning, dissimulated and Machiavellian criminals, are a very serious problem that requires the attention of all those who have an interest, to curb the perverse actions of this type of criminals, Because their crimes need to prevent even people from being kept alive, or from choosing to be prostituted, or wanting to be exposed in their intimacy, having sex with people on the internet, especially children and adolescents, it is clear that There is an indiscriminate usurpation in pornographic films with children or adolescents because there are movies with children with m At the age of 7, it is impossible for these children to be mature, to know whether they would accept or not, to be served to pornographic movie sites.
     The real investigation to combat pedophilia, when there is pornographic films with children and adolescents, only happens when the film is denounced, because it imposes the police obligation, to find out how the films were posted, discovering all the characteristics of the fact, Which occurred in this situation and provided victims with the opportunity to be compelled to be imprisoned in a room with one person and forced to have sex; The true facts that elucidate this story, are only triggered when there is possibility, to promote justice and when we refer, children is obvious that due to lack of maturity and knowledge, it is something that would only depend on adults, there is an obligation to Investigate at all sites, and send to police all material, which enables a comprehensive investigation for all crimes, as the culprits are already visible, a simple comparison on a fact, mentioned in this article in a previous paragraph, in a single site there were numerous , Pornographic films with children and adolescents. There are numerous sites that need to be investigated, and every kind of child pornography posted on these sites needs to be reported to the respective justice of each country, and unfortunately, as long as no software or application or specific government technology is created, Pornographic films around the world, when accessed by people anywhere on the planet automatically when they are accessed, there will be no alternative but to investigate in person, and report to the police through the methods, which have already been created in the country, so it is important For people who have an interest in punishing these criminals of these disgusting attitudes, to make the investigations and report to the police, as this is for the moment the only way to do justice, against pedophiles or gangs around the world.  




                                                                      SECRETARY OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN BRAZIL