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     Certainty only exists when we perceive characteristics, which are only part of everyday life in all countries, that a person for not knowing the information they allow, for it to defend or denounce a problem, there is a victim of violence in a day, sometimes The possibility that a person can not defend himself is his own nature, or immaturity from the age of the individual, children are in this profile of the problem, the mentally ill are also in the last profile quoted; And all the situations mentioned are just a part of a set of facts, which start people denouncing crimes and criminals, it is necessary to teach people the best ways, to denounce all situations, aggressive and criminal that a person may suffer, in addition to Malice needed to deal with every situation, because innumerable times acting anonymously is the best way, to avoid being victimized by retaliation of dangerous criminals. Fighting violence in a neighborhood, city, state or country has never been an easy task, because all problems have peculiarities, which make the solution of the problem difficult, and this suggests that because of the difficulty of reacting against the situation, everything is Made so that impunity prevails, establishing and perpetrating impunity in people's lives, so we must be in solidarity with the frailties of the laity and naive, and teach them to fight the crimes that become victims.   
     We sometimes need to use creativity to imagine, only with the facts that are presented to society, the motives they provided for people, there are opportunities to become victims of criminals, but certainly, the money factor is determinant for People, can get rid of the conviviality with crime in a region; It is obvious that if an individual is a millionaire he can rent, if he wants a property per day or pay in a hotel every day, he may even continue to live in the same city where he would be in trouble with criminals and could easily get rid of the problem , The poor can not afford these types of expenses, and this makes any resident in dangerous areas a type of criminal slave. A pitiful fact that permeates violence in a society, driving the behavior of society, imputing the mentality that all facts are correct, and provides comfort for solving problems, the most intriguing fact is that no one sees, violence by the true characteristics that The individuality of fact. 
     Women also live with them, conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph, but with worse aggravation than is the frequency of aggression, all women have every reason, not to depend on men to support themselves, it is a mentality that women Need to learn and practice; The reasons are obvious, when the spouse is unemployed, she has all the consequences of the conviviality of this financial crisis, and is forced to submit to all the conditions, when the husband does not have the capacity to win, a large sum to support him and The family, she again faces the same situations mentioned above, and when the marriage ends she may even get a pension, however, the amount is limited and this does not give her the necessary help, so she can support her and the family with Comfort, and if by chance the husband dies she will be in a position equal to the problem of divorce. The problems are not only limited to these situations, the same example of the previous paragraph is part of this conviviality, a woman millionaire when she lives with aggressions of the husband, she can rent a property by day, and escape the problems with the fights with the husband, If she has to divorce, she will have a less complicated relationship with problems with money, the poor woman can not do the same things, and she lives a conditional relationship, which forces her to submit to problems in an indecent way, she becomes a prisoner Many times they can live as prisoners, even from the same address, allowing the individual easy access for her and the family, and this makes her and the family a victim easily, if every woman when she hears her boyfriend or Husband, an aggressive phrase that gives itself a blow, and it separates itself from the man perhaps man is trained, to be more tolerant with women, but this does not happen providing terrible stories, if every woman considers that a man With a single punch, is capable of killing her, and if she separates definitively from this man, she would avoid many problems for herself, the fact is that many facts make women, submissive to a lasting relationship, it is necessary that women have Cooler. 
     The shanty towns Brazilian  are the perfect example of what the term "Conditional Relationships" really means, and all the comparisons made in this article express with certainty the existence of all violence in place, from lack of money to cover all responsibilities , To the conformism with his own financial condition, besides the lack of a profitable profession, that gives him the ideal development, the resident subjects to the lived in these places, forming still a parallel society, in the cities in conditions of isolation; The favelas have become the ideal environment for the poor, and confined in an apparently irreversible situation, the residents still live with the violence of the traffic, which is imposed on the residents as authorities, the truth is that this is a consequence of the construction itself, which was Made randomly without the presence of a municipal, state or federal government, provided a completely disorganized space distribution, with alleys whose width is often only one meter wide, providing for the existence of large labyrinths; Favelas that have wide streets to transit, a car next to another car, a serious mistake that served to favor the marginality, besides the own military power of the marginality, and preventing that the public services of the city, state and country, have access Easy solution to many problems. The consequences have become clear and irreversible, marginality has established itself with absolute ease and strength, and because the favela's own map has become difficult for police to destroy the marginal work that keeps the community prisoner of extremist and traumatic violence.  
     The solution to combat all kinds of violence is the versatility you can have to defend yourself against it, is to use all sorts of technology available to combat it, all that provides an agile, versatile and intelligent action, imagine yourself passing in a Place that does not have, nothing that indicates its location, the address of the place itself is unknown, however, if there was a mobile phone application, it provides for you there is opportunity to inform, all the characteristics of the problem photos and videos, Including the address located by GPS itself, would make it very easy to report all kinds of crime, anywhere on the planet, or in the city you live in, only sending information anonymously to the police; The favelas could be filmed for a period of ten consecutive years with cameras placed in strategic positions, to inform them that they would be the villains of the place, and their way of acting specifically, what the police most need to obtain is information, A strategic action with a very professional espionage. Information from both the mobile phone application and the footage filmed from the favela would be sent directly to a police station, preventing you from exposing yourself to criminals, and preventing you from retaliating for reporting all criminals or situations That can become crimes, a fact that countless people have already been victims and dead, a common fact in the Brazilian favelas, and always with a relentless violence, to fight crimes and criminals has already become, a situation that requires much malice, and a strictly Strategy.  
     Laws exist with the need to provide us with a harmonious and respectful relationship. The truth is that we have rights and duties when we perceive the need to provide equal opportunities for all to be prevailed when we appeal to justice because of personal problems; The fact is intriguing because not everyone admits their need, however, all coexist with some form of regulation, therefore, crime itself also impute behavior, for people who behave in an imposing way, because it does not have the approval of every society, It is only a way of living with the problems created by them, without becoming victims of their retaliation, a fact that influences people's behavior, and which directly interfered with indispensable rights, such as Freedom of Expression, Right to Coming and Coming Right to Obtain Information. The laws mentioned mean that each citizen has the rights and duties to live in conditions of peaceful coexistence in a society, without aggressively interfering or interfering in the personality, privacy and right of choice of each citizen, a fact That all kinds of crime and criminals, intrinsically interfere in the mind of each person, directly coerce and destroy the lives of the victims of the criminal act, and influencing the behavior of every nation.  
     A  resident of the slum  is not the only victim of violence and crime, therefore, we must always think of strategies, to fight crime always maliciously and anonymously, and teach the nation to do the same, this is the best alternative to combat, violence Of criminals in a country; Failure to do so is destroying essential constitutional rights, for the formation of a strong and sovereign nation, because each person is proud of the existence of his own fate, "We are what we can be, therefore, if we do not always act with intelligence, We will not be able to exist, "this is an indisputable fact, and" Intelligent attitudes is what makes us better or worse, and depends only on our own ability to interpret situations, to understand the concept. " We are in the internet phase, and this is the best invention of the century, everything on the internet is a fact that provides profit, therefore, stimulate companies to create the applications mentioned before, it is not only a system to fight criminals, but another opportunity Therefore, this concept can be profitable for every nation, since public security is a serious problem, which provides enormous expenditure, and this is public money, which could be spent in other situations, more important and does not hold the same attention , Nor does it hold enough money to carry out a work for society with perfection, therefore, the best way to manage a society must always be analyzed, so that there is equal opportunity for all citizens of a country, and if not hold the existences of these ideas , We will always be destroying ourselves.


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